1. Heroes Of Harmony

  2. To The Moon And Beyond... Remastered

  3. Castle Of Glass (Cover)

  4. The Answer Lies Within (Cover)

  5. Vacant + Stream Of Consciousness (Cover)

  6. Dystopian Overture (Cover)

  7. You're In My Head Like A Catchy Song (MLP Cover)

  8. Disappear (Dream Theater Cover)

  9. Breaking All Illusions (Dream Theater Cover)

  10. Overture 1928 (Dream Theater Cover)

  11. Wither (Dream Theater Cover)

  12. We Are Number One | Symphonic Metal Cover

  13. Halloween Metal Medley

  14. Comfortably Numb (Cover)

  15. The Count Of Tuscany Part II (Cover)

  16. The Hero (Cover ft. CyrilTheWolf)

  17. Stay (Cover)

  18. Join The Herd (Cover)

  19. All About Eve (Cover)

  20. Enter Sandman (Cover)

  21. Avast Rockin'Brony's Ass

  22. The Rains Of Castamere (Metal Cover)

  23. Grace Kelly (Cover)

  24. Without You (Cover)
    Rockin'Brony ft. GatoPaint

  25. Die To Live (Cover)

  26. Time Is An Adventure (Cover)
    Rockin'Brony ft. JennaBun

  27. Winter Wrap Up (Metal Cover)

  28. Equestrian Idiot

  29. For The New Lunar Republic (Metal Cover)

  30. Running In The 90's (Metal Cover)

  31. Whispering A Prayer (Cover)

  32. Journey To The Unknown

  33. Friendship (Metal Cover)

  34. Hunter's Chance Metal Cover

  35. Land Of Equestria (Cover)

  36. Anthem Of Equestria

  37. House Of Glass (Cover)

  38. Aces High (Cover ft. CyrilTheWolf)

  39. The Trooper (Cover ft. CyrilTheWolf)

  40. I'll Fly Higher (Cover)

  41. A Long Way From Equestria (Cover)

  42. When I Come Around (Cover)

  43. Le Pouding À l'Arsenic [French Cover]

  44. Medieval Metal Medley

  45. For The New Lunar Republic

  46. Fight For Harmony [Remaster]

  47. University Of Canterlot [ft. Rythmic Rainboom]

  48. First Flight [Remaster]

  49. March Of The Pegasi [ft. Rythmic Rainboom]

  50. Night EP

  51. Open Your Eyes [Metal Cover]

  52. This Is Gallifrey [Cover]

  53. Game Of Skyrim [Mashup Remaster]

  54. Wish You Were Here (Cover)

  55. Loyalty (Cover)

  56. Discord Metal Cover [Remaster]

  57. Winter Wrap Up Metal Cover

  58. Join The Herd (Cover)

  59. Find The Music In You [Remaster]

  60. Avast Your Ass (Symphonic Metal Cover)

  61. For The Solar Empire [Re-Mastered]

  62. Hay Ms. Derpy (Cover)

  63. Spectrum (RD's Theme) Cover

  64. The Price Of Freedom (Cover)

  65. Song Of Storms Metal Cover

  66. Nightmare Moon (A Soundgarden Parody)

  67. Cry To The Moon

  68. Far Beyond The Sun (Cover)

  69. Halley's Comet (Original by 331Erock)

  70. Rising Force (Ft CyrilTheWolf)

  71. X-Mas Metal Medley

  72. Rising End (Yngwie Malmsteen/Linkin Park Mashup)

  73. For The New Lunar Republic Metal Cover

  74. For The Solar Empire

  75. Halloween Metal Medley

  76. Cliffs Of Dover (Cover)

  77. Doctor Who Metal Medley

  78. First Flight - Original Song

  79. Skyrim/Games Of Thrones Metal Mashup

  80. Anthem Of Equestria HD

  81. For The New Lunar Republic (Metal) HD

  82. Doctor Who Main Theme (Metal Cover)

  83. Fight For Equestria

  84. Anthem Of Equestria (HD)

  85. Doctor Who Metal Cover (HD)

  86. Fight For Equestria (HD)

  87. Halley's Comet by 331Erock - Cover (HD)

  88. Levels by Avicii - Metal Cover (HD)

  89. Doomsday (Doctor Who Soundtrack) - Cover

  90. The Walking Dead - Metal Cover

  91. Anthem Of Equestria

  92. Halley's Comet by 331Erock - Cover

  93. Friendship by Aviators - Metal Cover
    Aviators, Rockin'Brony

  94. Levels by Avicii - Metal Cover

  95. Nothing Lasts Forever

  96. Doctor Who Metal Cover

  97. Flight of Your Dreams

  98. Fight For Equestria

  99. For The New Lunar Republic Meets Metal


Rockin'Brony Mirabel, Québec

18 year old Musician, Guitarist, Pianist, Drummer, Bassist, Singer.

From Québec, Canada.

Played Guitar and Drums for 6 years.
Played Piano and Bass for 4 years. Singing for 3 years.

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